Are you frustrated that the scales aren’t changing?

I don’t know if it is because it’s January and people have been sticking to the ‘diets’ and not seeing the results?

If it’s the amount of holiday adverts that are conjoining up visions of being pool side and so thinking of summer wear rather than being hidden under the current baggy jumpers.

Or if clothes are still feeling a bit tight even though all the high impact classes are being attended!

But I know there is too much frustration, deflation and demotivation can come in waves because the number on the scales isn’t moving. Which is why I encourage everyone to step away and remember that scales are for fish.

That said I know some people need to measure to focus and so today I am sharing a video from inside my Women’s Wellbeing Association membership about measuring your progress if inch loss is your goal.

BUT please know that even if it is, and you measure as I share in this video your results will still only come from a WHOLE BODY approach incorporating sleep, stress management, the RIGHT TYPE of movement, gut health, hormone balance (even post menopause) and eating REAL FOOD and not just from eating less and moving more.

If you want to dig deeper in to ‘inch loss WITHOUT counting calories’ I am running a workshop on that very topic, both ONLINE and face to face at Breedon Priory Health Club .

I’d love you to join me to discover why the days of easting less and moving more and why counting calories could be preventing you from reaching your inch loss goals.