I often get asked for my reccomendations for products that I talk about.  

Here are the some of the products based on my online workouts and most popular conversations I have within my  app.

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I have lots of conversations about juicing. I was sceptical of it for a long time but a juice is now my ‘go – to’ pick me up most afternoons…. And for many of my clients!

It’s also a great way to get in extra nutrients if you’re not a fan of a plate of veggies.

I personally I don’t encourage juicing as a meal replacement but more to add in extra goodness and nourishment and address balance.

Always opt for a slow, cold press juicer – this is my reccomended starter model and top tip – batch juice and freeze them, it saves time (and excessive juicer cleaning 😝)


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In my musing, four ways to improve your gut health, I talk about taking Apple Cider Vingear 🍎

Apple Cider Vinegar is amazing for calming and resetting the gut, feeding the good bacteria and even for balancing your blood sugar. You can use ACV in dressings or add it to your cooking recipes or a smoothie but my personal favourite is to take it as a drink – it does take a bit of adjusting too.

If you opt for this with pure ACV then begin with diluting 10mls in to 100ml of water and build up to 20 – 25ml of AVC in 200/250ml of water and always chose apple cider vinegar WITH MOTHER (it looks like sediment in the bottom of the bottle and that is the good bacteria). You can add lemon or honey to make it more palatable.

If you fancy delving deeper into this one then check out Willys ACV and if you use my (affiliate) code: VICWIL10 you’ll get a discount. The 60- day challenge is amazing for a complete gut reset. 

This Tropic Discovery Kit is ideal for travelling 🏖 is hand luggage approved ✈️ and also perfect for Tropic first-timers who are curious and want to try the essentials of our range.
The Nourish Discovery Kit contains:

🌴 Smoothing Cleanser (50ml) 
🌴 Bamboo Face Cloth
🌴 Morning Mist (30ml)
🌴 Skin Feast (20ml) 
🌴 Rainforest Dew Deep Hydration Serum (6ml)

(Option to add a 15ml Sun Day ☀️ for £4)

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