The Womens Wellbeing Association is an online community for women of all ages who want a quick and easy way to put their fitness and wellbeing first so they can thrive, not just survive!

No fads, no fuss, just fun purposeful fitness and simple lifestyle strategies without the faff!

Inside the WWA you’ll find:


🧿 Workouts (LIVE and on demand) that support your heart, bone, hormonal and pelvic health instead of exhausting you to simply crush or earn calories

🧿 Workshops and practical wellbeing masterclasses packed with easy to implement lifestyle strategies

🧿 A specially created wellbeing and workout programme to help you manage the peri-menopause, menopause AND beyond.

🧿 Like-minded women also juggling ‘real life’

🧿 Accountability and support

Are you…

    • Too exhausted, demotivated or discouraged to exercise?

    • Fed up of the scales not moving and your clothes feeling tight, despite working out harder than normal and counting calories?

    • Normalising or brushing off the poor sleep, exhaustion or muscle aches and pains?

    • Secretly struggling with wellbeing niggles and trying all the ‘quick fixes’?

    • Not exercising because of stiff or tight knees, hips, back and shoulders?  

Do you WANT to feel stronger, more energised and confident in your own body?

Do you WANT simple sustainable strategies and structure that fits into your busy life?

Are you ready to be the best version of YOU?


Then join my amazing community of like-minded women inside the Womens Wellbeing Association. A one stop online subscription that supports, uplifts, inspires, empowers and motivates women in every area of their wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally.

For only £30 a month you get access to all of this:

✅  Brand new Fitness Pilates, FLEX Mobility and Flexibility and Weights for Women workouts every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. LIVE on Zoom. 👀 Join the morning workout live at 7am or watch the replay at any time.

✅ Inspiration, motivation and the most important information women need for a whole-body approach to their health, hormones and wellbeing via the WWA members only podcast

✅ Workshops and practical masterclass for your health, hormones and complete wellbeing.

✅ A safe space to ask all your wellness wonderings, be inspired and motivated and to connect with like-minded women.

✅ Accountability, support and a safe space with a community of amazing women like you all pushing forward together to feel happier, healthier, energised and positive!

✅  Access in one tap through the WWA app (web version available).

If you’re un-motivated to exercise,  tired of wasting time trying to find a quick fix to feel energised and calm or to drop inches then the WWA is for you.

✅ Connect with other wonderful women “who get it”

✅ Feel supported

✅ Build momentum

✅ Feel energised and get sustainable sresults!

See what subscribers are saying:

I feel so lucky to have found Womens Well-being Association and have a membership that actually works with my life!

My life is chaotic and busy with 2 children – one with SEN needs and a very busy Assistant Head job plus a husband who works abroad …. I needed something that I could realistically fit into my life… this is perfect.

Being diagnosed as “Early menopause” at 41 – I have been able to get advice and help every step of the way with all the complexities of hormones and how to help manage and support them.

Thanks so much Womens Wellbeing Association!


Joining the WWA is one of the best things I have done for both my physical and mental well-being.

As a life long shift worker I often feel tired and lethargic, especially when trying to transition from nights to days, but since joining the WWA I’ve become much more motivated and energised.

I’ve definitely noticed how much better I feel after making the effort to join the 7 am online workout.

Thank you Victoria for your encouragement and support. I so admire your positivity and enthusiasm for life, it really is contagious.


I am loving the WWA Wake Up Work Outs! They are short, effective and the morning live check-in provides so much accountability to get me moving (even when I might not really feel like it!). 

In three months I am definitely seeing positive benefits of improved muscle tone, fitness and some reduction in body fat. 

The App also has lots of other great, supportive information. 

The regular Q&A sessions are also a great way to help you get unstuck and share your journey. 

Can’t wait to see where I’ll be in another 3 months.  Thank you Victoria.


Join the WWA today for just £30 a month. (No minimum term, you can cancel anytime).