Happy Hormones Workbook

Containing the most important information you need to know for your hormonal health together with a Hormone Symptom Tracker, Morning and Evening Routine Checklists and a Daily Basics Checklist for Happy Hormones, this (instantly downloadable) workbook will guide you to implement simple habits and sustainable strategies so you take control of your complete wellbeing and hormones.

This is the home of Victoria Jones Wellbeing and I’m Victoria.


I help women in their 30’s and 40’s overcome exhaustion and the feeling of survival so that they…


🧿 Finally sleep a full 8 hours

🧿 Start their busy days with energy and joy and without the NEED for coffee to kick start them

🧿 Feel calm, healthy, happy and SUPPORTED

🧿 Thrive rather than survive; mentally, physically and emotionally

🧿 Move WELL for heart, bone, hormonal and pelvic health instead of hard to simply crush or earn calories

My passion is to inspire and support women to feel more energised and less alone and frustrated in order to live their happiest, healthiest life. Through small group workouts and wellness programmes, I share simple, tailor made lifestyle strategies and movement that nourish and restore complete wellbeing in order to achieve this.

Having personally been on the path to move away from habits and behaviours that left me feeling exhausted, constantly overwhelmed, surviving on poor sleep with elevated stress  levels I now help women who are ready to move away from  “survival mode’ the feeling that ‘there is more to life than this’ and the ‘Eat Less, Move More’ approach so they too can feel energised, happy and healthy.

Are you ready for that?

Imagine how it would feel to flourish with energy and passion and to thrive in life, to look and feel fabulous and live as your happiest, healthiest self.


🧿 You CAN be the happy energetic woman you used to or have always wanted to be

🧿 You CAN understand more about your hormones and take control of them long before they take control over you

🧿 You CAN sleep better, stress less and smile more

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