Join me on for my BRAND NEW online Women’s Wellbeing Workshops.

Hello, I’m Victoria

My passion is to inspire and support women to take responsibilty of their health, happiness and hormones by addressing what I like to call the Foundations of Wellbeing 🌻

Sharing simple lifestyle strategies and the most important information women need about sleep, stress, bone/gut/brain health and purposeful movement, my online members club provides a supportive community to nourish physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Having personally been on the path to move away from the actions that were no longer working for me, from the behaviours that left me feeling exhausted, constantly overwhelmed, surviving on poor sleep with elevated cortisol levels I now help women who are ready to move away from the ‘Eat Less, Move More’ approach and feel energised, happy and healthy like me.

Here is I can help you…

Members Club

An online monthly membership programme that supports women to take control of their health, happiness and hormones by addressing what I like to call the ‘Foundations of Wellbeing’  in the simplest way possible.

Inside the members club you will find

  • New monthly video content to discover new strategies to support an area of your wellbeing 
  • Live Q&A sessions, recipes, workouts and more.

Download Your FREE Wellbeing Wheel

I have developed the Wellbeing Wheel workbook for you to discover which areas of your complete wellbeing might be out of balance in this moment. Only by knowing that can you take the action to restore balance and thrive. 


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