British Summer Time has officially begun and there is talk of temperatures rising to high teen figures over the coming weeks – I am so happy at the thought of feeling sunshine on my skin and toping up my vitamin D ☀️
For many though I know that the thought of the summer wardrobe is creeping in. Frustration around inch loss resistance will grow as that the baggy jumpers start to be retired and one of my favourite conversations will begin… No not the scales aren’t moving one but the one that often starts…”I need to do more sit ups”
Doing sit ups will NOT give you a flat stomach. In fact, a lot of crunches and sit ups can compromise your pelvic floor.

For a flatter stomach you need to start from the inside and calm the gut and boost digestionbalance your blood sugar level and rev up your metabolism and strengthen your core. This includes your pelvis, lower back and hips – not just the stomach. Glute activation is also vital for your core.
Below is a Fitness Pilates workout which is one of my favourite ways to condition your core and strengthen your glutes (amongst other things). 
This workout is taken from my wake up, work out library and was the fourth workout last summer that launched the most popular section of my online membership. I still teach a workout like this on zoom at 7am every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Each one is just 15 – 20 minutes and there are two weights for women, a Fitness Pilates and a FLEX (mobility and flexibility) session each week. There is a replay of each workout and a library of over 100 previous workouts which are all accessible via the app. Many of the girls that join live just strap on their sports bras and join in their PJ bottoms (it’s a very safe, relaxed and real space).  If you want to join us you can find out to here.