Are you waiting to have time?

This week I launched my face to face¬†MenoFit¬†programme. It was amazing but the one thing I heard throughout and after this first session was “I wish I’d known this years before”.

Hearing that cemented my feeling that the whole hormone and deeper wellbeing conversations need to be started much sooner BUT… Do we have time to have those chats when there are no symptoms or wellbeing niggles and frustrations?

Is it only when we reach crisis point with our hormones / health / ¬†wellbeing that we MAKE the time?? And at that point, do we feel that we are the base of a huge mountain to climb and can’t see where the footpath starts?

I personally feel that lack of confidence, exhaustion or boredom and demotivation and frustration are the biggest barriers women face when it comes to prioritising and improving their wellbeing, along with time.

Yet I’m having conversations with so many women at the moment that are highlighting it’s not lack of ACTUAL time that is a barrier, but them THINKING they’re not going to HAVE enough time, because they have so much to change or improve. As a result they are waiting to start making any changes until they have time to plan them.

Are you waiting? Do you think you need to carve hours out of your already stretched routine each day to prioritise your health and wellbeing? To exercise? or to even create a routine that prioritises you??

There is a quote that I often share that says:¬†‚ÄėIf you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness‚Äô

We all have 24 hours each day, I will always advocate you sleep for 8/9 of them, most of us will work for (an average) 8 of those remaining 15/16. If you are commuting to the office or doing the school run you might use for another 2. House admin and the cooking might take another 2… and whilst maths never has been my strong point, I have a calculator app on my device that tells me you’ll still have 3-4 hours to use, a 30 minute morning and evening routine still leaves you 2-3… how are you spending them?

If you need to spend some of your remaining hours of the day on your health and wellbeing  before you are forced too then please come and join my online MenoFit programme.

The live round starts on Tuesday 18th October for 14 days and you only need to set aside 25 minutes a day to complete the workouts and watch the daily masterclass. The masterclass is even downloadable as a podcast so you can listen on the go. 

Here is the schedule for the 14 days. All of the content¬†is delivered through my¬†Women’s Wellbeing¬†Association¬†app for you to access at the time of day it suits you and at the touch of the button. You’ll have lifetime access and so much support and motivation during the 14 days.¬†

Masterclass and workout schedule:

DAY 1: The stages of hormonal changes: the peri-menopause, menopause and beyond + Fitness Pilates Mobility

DAY 2: Hormonal symptoms: the common, the ignored and the normalised + Healthy Workout for Bad Knees

DAY 3: The impact of stress + Weights for Women Full Body Blitz

DAY 4: Address the stress + Fitness Pilates Shoulder Release      

DAY 5: Brain fog, food and mood + Metabolic Minutes

DAY 6: Gut health happiness + Towel Mobility

DAY 7: Vital vitamins + Glute Activation

DAY 8: Calm the confusion and alleviate anxiety + Arms and Abs

DAY 9: Where exercise fits as hormones decline + Core Conditioning

DAY 10: Moving well NOT more + Midsection Meltdown

DAY 11: Sleep spotlight + Fitness Pilates Legs, Bums and Tums

DAY 12: Enrich your sleep + BrainFit (Mindful Movement)

DAY 13: The thyroid factor + Metabolic Minutes Revisited

DAY 14: Hormone intervention and holistic habits for nurturing happy hormones + Fitness Pilates Strong and Stretch

Is it time to stop waiting and to instead take action to look after YOURSELF and YOUR wellbeing. I promise looking after YOU will have a ripple effect and positive impact on those around you who you love and are potentially putting above yourself right now. Please make NOW the time for your wellness before you are forced to make time for your illness.