“I wish I’d know this years ago”

This is the comment I heard from most of the ladies who have just completed my latest MenoFit programme.

MenoFit is a wellbeing and workout programme created to help women manage the peri-menopause, menopause AND beyond.  

During the programme I shared the most important information about hormones and how they affect EVERYTHING in the body. Our mood, weight, sleep and energy are all influenced by our hormones. Yet it seems that it is only when symptoms get troublesome or we reach a certain age that we start to pay closer attention to them, often normalising the changes and symptoms with the phrases ‘it’s my age’ or ‘it’s my hormones’.

Whilst I had ladies from each phase (menopause, peri and post) enrol on MenoFit the majority were in the middle of their menopausal phase or post menopause. We talked about a whole-body approach to creating a calm environment for our hormones, how nothing works in isolation, how and why symptoms can be so irregular and severe for some women and totally different for others and what symptoms can actually mean.

Any problematic hormonal symptoms you are experiencing are showing up for a reason. They are your body’s way of telling you that it is out of balance and lacking in something that it needs.

This can often be something simple, maybe deeper nourishment, movement or rest and relaxation, all of which can calm and change the environment that your hormones are in.

“It’s not your hormones, it’s their environment” Cheryl Burdette

Whilst each of the wonderful women took strategies away, and saw the benefits of implementing them, they all said they wish they had known the information or had a programme like MenoFit years ago.

It is NEVER too late to start to rewrite your own health and wellbeing story but imagine if we started doing the work BEFORE we started to notice the very first signs of increased…

❗️ headaches

❗️ migraines

❗️ brain fog

❗️ anxiety

❗️ fragmented sleep

❗️ irritation

❗️ mid-section weight gain

During those years when you might not even be paying any attention to your cycle but you just know that you’re exhausted, frustrated and the diets and intense workouts you are doing are having absolutely no effect…

I wholeheartedly believe it is time to start the ‘whole-body approach to wellbeing’ conversations and build in the strategies long before your wellbeing niggles push you to your crisis point of exhaustion, frustration, low mood and survival.


Are you ready for the conversations?

Are you looking to start them?

Are you still solely focused on working out hard to lose weight?

Do you think it’s probably just you noticing these changes?

I really would love your thoughts on this. If you are one of those wonderful women wishing you’d know sooner – what would have made you listen then?

If you are noticing the very signs of changes, what is it going to make you taken action and start the conversation now?

Please do let me know your thoughts. And if you would like to learn more about my online MenoFit programme head over to my website HERE.


You can read more about creating a whole body approach to your complete wellbeing by grabbing a copy of my book Reignite.