Weights for Women 28 Days

Weights for Women 28 Days (ONLINE) 

So many women worry that if they lift weights, they will bulk up. The reality is that we don’t have anywhere near enough testosterone, even before hormone levels start to decline (in our 40's) to make us look like Arnie!

Lifting weights is a game changer for body shape, strength, mood and bone health.

This 28 day online programme will help to ‘rev up’ your metabolism to burn fat, drop inches and more importantly improve bone quality.

How it works?

  • Each day for 28 consecutive days, a brand new workout is made available for you to complete.
  • Every workout is between six and twelve minutes.
  • Workouts are accessed through my Womens Wellbeing Association app (login details will be sent once your purchase is complete)
  • Access to the workouts does not expire - once every workout is live you can repeat them as often as you desire and in any order.
  • You will ideally need a pair of dumbbells for each workout though you can use water bottles or kitchen food tins initially.