Somehow we are halfway through September! Does anyone else know how that has happened??
For me, September usually brings a sense of freshness and excitement – more so than January. 
It feels like the month to create new plans and goals for the final stretch of the year. 
But this year it has felt different.
The conversations I’ve been having this September, and in the lead up to it, have been different and I wonder is that the result of the most bizarre 18 months ever? Or has that simply been the catalyst to more honesty and open conversations?
When the country went into lockdown a year last March people seemed to be reminded of the simple life, many were given the gift of time and vowed not to go back to the chasing about, spinning plates, commitments through obligation rather than desire.
The time was taken by many to pick up old hobbies, to learn new skills, cook from scratch (is anyone still making banana bread by the way?).
Others had to master home schooling, sharing their home space with others 24/7 and began using the kitchen table as an office which blurred the lines between home and work. Whilst commuting time and stress was reduced, for many working days were lengthened and more intense. So many people have shared with me that when they were standing at the kitchen worktop (preparing the banana bread maybe) and the work PC was in sight, guilt crept in – was this the case for you too?
When lockdown 3.0 came in at the beginning of November it was different again and the shorter grey days brought a heaviness and sadness to so many. Time dragged on and some people then seemed to be determined to seize the day when restrictions lifted because they felt so isolated, disconnected and totally fed up, others felt anxious, nervous and afraid.  
Now here we are, an element of normality is in place and yet there is uncertainty and confusion. Many have gone back to the spinning plates as before, rather than seizing the day and exhaustion and survival is once more a common feeling. (Please remember that just because something is common does not mean it is normal!).
The majority of conversations I’ve been having since my last musing predominantly centre around:
🧿 Feeling completely exhausted – emotionally as well as physically.
🧿 Not sleeping well
🧿 Feeling detached and that there is more to life than this 
For me, these three conversations lead to a much deeper discussion around chronic stress, which I’m not going to have today – even though it is my most favourite topic!
Today I simply want you to know that if you have resonated with ANYTHING I mentioned above then you are NOT ALONE
Whatever your feelings are and whether they are the direct result of the past 18 months or a build-up of the past 10 years I promise you that it is not just you feeling the way you are. If you want to dig into those conversations and feelings a little deeper then I have been working on a few things behind the scenes that might help and you can find details of all of these and a list of everything else that I currently offer in my wellbeing business on my ‘Everything Page’ of my website here.