‘Everything’ Page

Below you find a list of everything that I currently offer in my wellbeing business.


There have been too many times that I got information exhausted and totally disconnected from joy trying to work out how to do things the way they ‘should’ be done with business and websites and marketing.


And so this page is me doing things MY WAY – and hopefully preventing information overload for you.


There is a brief description of each of the services I offer and you can simply follow the ‘discover more’ prompt and find out all the details about the ones that interest you… without having to wade through a ton of text.




Six Step to Happy Hormones Guide (free)

Our hormonal health is too often overloooked until we reach the menopause when our hormones get blamed for every thing! Yet with our hormonal changes starting when we reach our late 20’s it is never too early to start to support our hormones. The six steps in my FREE guide will support yours to be balanced and happy.

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Wellness Power Hour ; Group (£8)

A safe friendly online space to connect with like-minded women, ask all your wellness wonderings, be inspired and feel supported you with your health, hormones and complete wellbeing.

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Happy Hormones Workshop (£10)

Happy hormones create a happier, healthier, more energised you!

During this online workshop you will discover simple strategies to implement into your own (often busy) routine to balance your hormones and support your complete wellbeing.

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TAB Club (£10)

A collaboration with Human Potential and Transformational Leader, Sue Stone.

TAB (Trust and Believe) Club is an online community that helps you to create the greatest and most exciting version of you! 

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Long Whatton Ladies That Brunch (£20)

A monthly brunch which provides a safe space to support you with your health, hormones and complete wellbeing.

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Weights for Women (£57)

So many women worry that if they lift weights they will bulk up but we don’t have enough testosterone in our endocrine system for that to happen so instead we burn fat, drop inches and even more importantly strengthen and improve our bone quality preventing osteoporosis.

This exclusive online programme provides you with lifetime access to 28 different 6 – 10 minute weight’s based workout for you to follow as you choose  – all you need for these is a pair of dumbells and yourself.

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Wellness Power Hour; One to One (£59)

Would you like one hour of uninterrupted time to talk through any wellness frustration you are facing and create some simple, personalised lifestyle strategies to move you forward? 

It’s amazing how much you can achieve in a short time.

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The Foundations of Wellbeing - Health, Hormones and Wellbeing (£97)

A 30-day programme to reset the fundamentals of your complete wellbeing whilst providing ultimate clarity.

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