Six Steps to Happy Hormones

Hormones influence EVERYTHING that happens in your body – your mood, sleep, weight and energy are all controlled by your hormones.

ALL hormones work together, if one is out of balance there will be a cascade of unbalance though the entire endocrine system, this in turn can cause hormonal symptoms and wellbeing niggles.

And hormones are for lfie NOT just the menopause.

    Hormonal symptoms are common but are NOT normal and are not limited to hot flushes, heavy or irregular periods and brain fog.

    Feeling exhausted, frustrated or disconnected is often due to your hormones.

    The inch loss resistance, despite counting your calories and completing the intense workouts, is down to your hormones.

    As is the poor night’s sleep that you might be noticing.

    Yet, and particularly during our late 30’s and early 40’s, every wellbeing niggle and increasing common hormonal symptom is normalised because ‘it’s just my age’ or ‘it’s just my hormones’.

    And AFTER the menopause these frustrations can’t possibly be because of hormones! 

    Hormones are for life not just until the menopause and estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are not the only hormones.

    You CAN understand more about your hormones and take control of them long before they take control over you. 

    You do not need to wait until symptoms show up to start to support your hormonal health or the environment your hormones live in and you MUST not ignore your hormones AFTER the menopause.

    My six simple steps guide will keep your hormones happy, wellbeing niggles at bay and your energy levels high no matter your age or hormonal stage.