So many women struggle with the same frustrations around inch loss resistance, hormonal imbalances, poor sleep and exhaustion.

Wonderful women repeat the same behaviours but hope for a different outcome, or feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what actual action to take, so do nothing. Instead they normalise often troublesome symptoms and frustrations and settle for feeling sluggish and tired.

But these symptoms, frustrations and feelings are not normal. There are simple strategies that we can all implement to support our wellbeing, to feel energised, to be the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves.

Alongside a workout I share with you the most important information you need as a women to nourish your complete wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional during this Women’s Wellbeing Bootcamp.

If you are ready to move away from the ‘Eat Less, Move More’ approach or you’ve not been getting the results you desire and feel depleted of energy and joy then come and join me!


There are 7 lessons and each one includes:
  • A short workout video. Each workout is purposefully designed to support your wellbeing to improve and maintain mobility, flexibility, strength and cardio vascular and bone health.
  • A 30 minute wellbeing masterclass.

Day One

  • MASTERCLASS: Improve your gut health and boost liver detoxification
  • Fitness Pilates Floor Interval

Day Two

  • MASTERCLASS: Discover why stress is likely sabotaging your wellness goals
  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga

Day Three

  • MASTERCLASS: Bone health is not old women’s business
  • Fitness Pilates Desk Mobility

Day Four

  • MASTERCLASS: What is your environment doing to your wellbeing
  • Full Body Interval Weights (dumbbells or water bottles / tins)

Day Five

  • MASTERCLASS: Poor sleep is not normal
  • Fitness Pilates Standing Flow

Day Six

  • MASTERCLASS: Cognitive decline – prevention is better that cure
  • Core Conditioning Interval

Day Seven

  • MASTERCLASS: Life laundry
  • Metabolic Interval




Now is the time to value your health and wellbeing above all else!
You’ll have instant access to all 7 lessons immediately