A fourteen day ONLINE wellbeing and workout programme created to help you manage the

peri-menopause, menopause AND beyond.



A daily fifteen minute hormone friendly workout – all new workouts, pre-recorded for you to complete when it suits you.

A short daily motivational masterclass – Each day you’ll discover:

✅ The most important information you need about the peri-menopuase, menopause and beyond

✅ The affects these stages can have on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

✅ Strategies and healthy tips to build better balance.

(Masterclasses are recorded for you to watch in your own time and available as video and audio so you can sit and watch or listen on the go).

A MenoFit Community – A private safe space on the app to ask all your hormone and wellbeing wonderings, be inspired and motivated and to connect with like-minded women.

Masterclass and workout schedule:

DAY 1: The stages of hormonal changes: the peri-menopause, menopause and beyond + Fitness Pilates Mobility

DAY 2: Hormonal symptoms: the common, the ignored and the normalised + Healthy Workout for Bad Knees

DAY 3: The impact of stress + Weights for Women Full Body Blitz

DAY 4: Address the stress + Fitness Pilates Shoulder Release      

DAY 5:Brain fog, food and mood + Metabolic Minutes

DAY 6: Gut health happiness + Towel Mobility

DAY 7: Vital vitamins + Glute Activation

DAY 8: Calm the confusion and alleviate anxiety + Arms and Abs

DAY 9: Where exercise fits as hormones decline + Core Conditioning

DAY 10: Moving well NOT more + Midsection Meltdown

DAY 11: Sleep spotlight + Fitness Pilates Legs, Bums and Tums

DAY 12: Enrich your sleep + Metabolic Minutes Revisited

DAY 13: The thyroid factor + Fitness Pilates Strong and Stretch

DAY 14: Hormone intervention and holistic habits for nurturing happy hormones + BrainFit (Mindful Movement)

All the content is delivered through my Women’s Wellbeing Association app 

Masterclasses and workouts are released each day for 14 days from purchase.

You will have lifetime access to the content once it is live.

Sign up now and come and join the MenoFit Community inside the app and access your day one content immediately.

The peri to post menopause facts:

13 MILLION women in the UK are menopausal.

Not all GPs are taught about the menopause and medications.

Every womans menopause is UNIQUE

Many women’s symptoms are slow and creep up.

Many women experience radical shifts in their health and wellbeing.

Menopause has been a taboo subject for years.

The menopause DOES NOT have to be traumatic, negative or feared. Hormonal symptoms are common but not normal!


During this 14 day programme you’ll discover the most important information and personal strategies that YOU need for a whole-body approach to the peri-menopause, menopuase AND beyond and how simple it can be to start to rewrite your own health and wellbeing story.





✅ Have FUN