A twenty one day ONLINE Fitness Pilates workout programme

Created to help you strengthen, condition and increase mobility and flexibility.

The ‘working out hard to crush calories’ approach is outdated. It is time to move purposefully to…

💞 Nourish your body, NOT punish it to crush or earn calories

🦴 Support bone health

🛏 Optimise sleep

❌ Lower stress levels that could be sabotaging your health and fat loss goals

🧠 Slow cognitive decline

🤸🏻‍♀️ Feel energised, not exhausted

🙃 Lift your mood, reduce anxiety and fears, worries or frustrations (exercise is the most under-prescribed antidepressant)


Fitness Pilates is the perfect workout for all of these things 👆🏻

Fitness Pilates uses the original teachings, principals and exercises of Joseph Pilates which are delivered in a modern and functional way 

It is designed to improve posture, back and core strength and mental cognition whilst enhancing mobility, flexibility and balance.

What’s included:

🤸🏻‍15 x 15 – 20-minute Fitness Pilates workouts 

🤸🏻‍6 x 30 minute Fitness Pilates / FLEX Fusion workouts 

🤸🏻‍6 x express Fitness Pilates workouts 

Workouts are released each day for 14 days from purchase 🤸🏻‍♀️ You will have lifetime access to the content once it is live.


You will need a tennis ball 🎾 hand or small bath towel 🧽 and a broom / mop handle or golf umbrella 🧹

A pair of LIGHT dumbbells / hand weights – you can use kitchen tins or water bottles

A fabric activation band and long resistance band – find my recommendations HERE 

You have lifetime access to the programme

All the content is delivered through my Women’s Wellbeing Association app (web version available.

Victoria’s Wellness Wondering; Back pain and discomfort (28th Jan 2024)

Every week I have at least one conversation about back pain and discomfort.

Back pain is different for every women and anatomy, declining hormones and stress all have an impact and of course sometimes back pain is a result of injury – though not always a back injury.
Often pain, discomfort or ‘struggling with my back today’ is caused because of posture and alignment. We live in a predominantly forward-facing world which causes stiffness and aches and pains through our back, shoulders, neck and hips. 
On many occasions it can be caused, or exacerbated by other factors, including:

🍑 Weak Glutes
Over time the glutes weaken partially because of the length of time we sit, partially because of poor posture and partially because of a decline in estrogen. This weakness can lead to lower back discomfort and affect our pelvic, hip and knee health and breath function. 
💦  Dehydration
The connective tissue (fascia) that surrounds the muscles can dry out, resulting in them seizing up, preventing fluidity of movement and causing stiffness and pain (fascia pain is commonly mistaken for muscle or joint pain). Whilst some people might need some deeper work on their fascia, everyone should start with the basics and drink more water and move regularly.
🤸🏻‍♂️ Reduced or Lack of Movement (use it or lose it!) 
It is reported that ‘half of British women do no regular exercise’ which makes me so sad. Lack of time, lack of confidence, exhaustion, boredom, feeling demotivated or frustrated are some of the main reasons I talk to women about. There is also the muscle and joint pain, discomfort or ‘struggling with’ that stops many from exercising – of course movement helps and improves that.
👙 A correctly fitting bra 
A bigger bust that isn’t fully or effectively supported will contribute to that poor postural alignment!  
Breathingbladder control and bowel function are all also linked to back pain, more so than obesity or activity level are.
This Fitness Pilates Mobility, Strength and Core Conditioning programme will help improve posture, back and core strength and mental cognition whilst enhancing mobility, flexibility and balance. We’ll also be working on strengthening the glutes