The intention of my Breast Cancer Rehab coaching programme is to help women live well during and after their treatment.

Those who are going though or have been through breast cancer treatment face many challenges in both the short and long term. Together we will address the obvious and not so obvious side effects, including:

  • decreased shoulder function

  • joint pain

  • fatigue
  • brain fog
  • scar pain
  • exercise tolerance
  • amplified menopausal symptoms
  • weight management.

Alongside this we will focus on longer term issues such as bone health, overall strength, mobility, and heart health.

Your sessions with me will be tailored to YOU and where you are in your breast cancer journey.

Together with a bespoke exercise prescription, the wellbeing strategies you need, including stress management, sleep hygiene and relaxation techniques, will be incorporated.

Your treatment and recovery journey is unique to you and your sessions with me will be the same. We will procced with caution, but we will procced, working closely with your medical team to safely empower you to be functionally active and enhance your quality of life through and after your treatment.

How I help

Breast Cancer is very responsive to lifestyle changes and exercise is an effective tonic for managing side effects of treatment and making your treatment more tolerable.

It is not always intuitive to exercise if you are experiencing cancer–related fatigue or feeling exhausted and you might be unsure what exercise is safe.

I will guide you through movement that is right for you in the moment, gradually building up your activity with an exercise prescription to empower you now and long term. Some implications of treatment can develop months and even years after your treatment ends so we will focus on bone health and pelvic health as well as muscle strength, balance and mobility.

Found me before your treatment?

A breast cancer diagnosis is the prime time to start moving purposefully and to address the core lifestyle components that might help minimise the side effects of your treatment. You may be waiting for treatment and can use this time to prepare your mind and body to make your treatment more tolerable.

What’s included:

For more information and to book your package and begin your journy to recovery with me please email

I could not of done this without Victoria’s help and understanding, giving me a laugh as well as practical advice and just listening. I’m really enjoying doing her little workouts every day before my major surgery and I know she will be there afterwards for me cheering me on and helping me get back into the wonderful workouts I do with her every morning before having to go through a big inconvenience in my life. Everyone needs a Victoria. Thank you.

Pre-hab Client