It’s almost been seven weeks since I emailed my clients to tell them that I was giving up teaching classes. To date that was one of the hardest emails I’ve had to write.

In my heart and in my gut I knew a long time ago that this was the right decision but teaching classes is what I know, it’s been my job for over 16 years.

Through those years I’ve taught Boxercise, Urban Rebound, Piloxing, Piloxing Knockout, Zumba, Powerhoop, Fitness Yoga, Fitness Pilates, Body Balance, Step, freestyle aerobics and various forms of freestyle body conditioning. I’ve even taught Aqua.

Ironically as a child PE never was my strong point, in fact when I bumped into some of the exceptionally sporty boys from school recently they almost spat out their beer when I told them what I did now!

My primary school teacher had to check she’d heard right when my mum told her where my career had taken me.

And my final school report said that I’d ‘always taken part in PE with a degree of trepidation and I need to show a more determined effort if I wished to improve further’.

Almost 26 years on and I think I’ve shown some determination. I wonder what a report would say now?

Through 16 years of teaching classes I have laughed, I have cried, I have taught with pneumonia, injuries and when I didn’t think I had anymore to give. Yet I kept going again and again because it was what I knew, teaching classes has been safe.

This week I teach my final permanent classes. Due to restrictions in place because of Covid-19 they will be taught virtually which is not the final hoorah I had anticipated but it is the end of a chapter none the less.

The page is being turned and a new adventure begins. 

I am continuing to offer workouts as part of my new online experience but these are workouts that focus on challenging balance, bone health, strength, flexibility and heart health as well as supporting posture, mobility and mindfulness. Movement is about so much more than burning calories and just one part of complete wellbeing which is the theme of my next chapter.   

You can find out more about it in my recent musing ‘Building an online wellness membership wasn’t prophetic‘