6 weeks ago I announced I was hanging up my trainers and moving away from face to face community fitness classes in one fixed area and building an online wellness membership.

A week later Covid-19 made itself known in the UK and social distancing measures were put in place. Leisure centres, gyms and studio’s (amongst many other business sectors) were forced to close and people started moving their services online… I won’t tell you how many people have mentioned my prescience.

I didn’t know how timely my decision to move online would be but I did know this…

Over the years my passion for jumping around a village hall or studio, counting in sets of eight and muddling up my left from my right has dwindle.

Conversations I had with the women who came to my classes inspired me to start learning more, I was hearing the same frustrations over and over again and knew that there had to be solutions and that eat less, move more was no longer the answer for complete wellbeing.

Hours of education later and so much made sense, the frustration around inch loss resistance, hormonal imbalances, poor sleep, and exhaustion (amongst other things) might be common but that doesn’t make them normal or right.

There is a reason why all of these, often troublesome, symptoms and frustrations show up and because there is a reason there is always a solution. Those solutions are accessible to everyone.

The more I learn the more I want to learn and alongside that I am so passionate to share my leanings and support more women with their complete wellbeing.

Before Covid-19 came along and gifted us with this time to slow down I saw so many women repeating the same actions with their well-being and hoping for a different outcome then feeling the frustrations I mentioned above when nothing improved or altered.

I also see so many women overwhelmed and uncertain about what actual action to take.

The strategies that we can all implement to support our wellbeing, to feel energised, to be the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves do not have to be complicated or overwhelming, in fact (and this is why I love this stuff) one tweak can remedy several frustrations and symptoms.

Sharing those strategies with a wider audience, supporting that wider audience to implement those strategies and to be able to help more women from anywhere to make progress as simply as possible is why I decided to build my online wellness membership club.

2 months since building my membership platform (yes I built it myself – another story) I have just received this feedback:

Thank you so much for an extremely supportive and positive site!  I was very nervous about signing up to this as I have done similar things in the past and have never bothered to continue with them.  This however, being accessible bit by bit has not overwhelmed me and has therefore been really useful.

The membership doesn’t make me feel that I am doing everything wrong and that I need to change my entire life immediately if I am to get anywhere.  The small tweaks (and yes, they really are small tweaks) are easy to add in to a busy daily schedule and the way in which they are presented doesn’t make you feel useless for not already doing all of this stuff!

The Members Club is such a positive and encouraging experience and I know that it’s really helping me along without making me feel it’s all too much.

Covid-19 has confirmed that the timing of my membership is perfect, however that feedback confirms that my original idea is one of my better ones and I am so excited about helping more and more wonderful women to thrive from anywhere that has a internet connection.