In my opinion stress causes the most disruption to our health and wellbeing and whilst it is really hard to avoid some stressors in our lifestyle, we don’t always realise what many of our stressors are or that they even are a bigger underlying problem.

That is because stress isn’t just caused by the big obvious events. These things can also cause a stress response in the body: 

  • Feeling out of control of a situation
  • Being overwhelmed by a situation, workload or uncontrollable situation
  • Being in a new or unpredictable situation
  • Emotional or physical changes
  • Sleep / wake cycle being disrupted 
  • Inflammation in the gut
  • Toxins, chemical, food, medications
  • Over exercising
  • Blood sugar imbalance / raised insulin
  • Illness / injury
  • Brain being in state of high alert / worry / fear

As I write this the world continues to be in a state of uncertainty, a time when we have no control over a situation that is much bigger than anything many of us have ever seen before (making a new situation).  

Stress has an effect on our quality of sleep meaning we may be waking up in the night and napping in the afternoon which disrupts the sleep / wake cycle which can leave us feeling exhausted so reaching for the chocolate flavoured snack mid-afternoon or glass of wine in the evening to ‘unwind’ both of these actions impacting the blood sugar level and raising insulin.

Yet all of these things are all too often brushed off, normalised or blamed on something else and that has been the start of my deliberation. 

 If we brush these symptoms, changes or feelings off, if we normalise them without looking at the ‘why’, how can we address them, improve them and ultimately thrive??

I’d love to know your thoughts about this and if you’re not brushing stress off, is there something else?? 

Are you feeling more irritable or drained during your cycle but you’re at ‘that age’ so you expect too?

Do you feel like your gaining weight yet you’re working out harder now than ever before?

Are you feeling bloated or discomfort after eating but your diet hasn’t changed? 

How are you feeling? Do you even really know?

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