Today has been my first day back at work after two weeks on annual leave. I was fortunate enough to spend nine days in Portugal and had an amazing time but 14 days away from work came with a collection of emotions. I haven’t taken that much time off mid year since I got the keys to the studio in 2013. I made a deal with myself when I booked my flights that I would use my sun terrace time to create content because being away from my day-to-day routine and class schedule meant I had nothing to distract me.

I would get focused and get clarity and build the programs and offerings I really wanted to offer but never have time to plan. I was going to silence the little voice in my head and take action. Yes Portugal was definitely going to give me a business epiphany I just knew it.

Having spent four days stuck to my sun lounger and having read two chick lit novels the guilt kicked in – I had done no work for over a week!

I spent the next day writing some content, creating a few social media posts but I didn’t know what message I wanted to convey and so what I was creating felt too forced and as a result impostor syndrome reared its head.

Who do I think I am? How can I possibly coach women to restore balance in their life and take control of their own well-being when I can’t follow my own advice, when I am lacking clarity in my own business?

It was not a pretty sight especially when I started getting frustrated and restless staring at an empty notebook trying to write.

So I started another chick lit novel and lost myself in it, as I finished the last chapter I knew I was running out of distractions and I had to change my mindset, only I could do that but now I was ready.

I looked back on some emails from past coaching clients and class participants and absorbed their kind words. They are proof that I do know what I’m doing, I am good at what I do. Then I start repeating “I AM”affirmations.

I wrote down the tools I already have to support women with their well-being and I got ridiculously excited as I used that list to plan out a series of brand-new coaching sessions and online programs.

With 20 minutes to spare before leaving for the airport I had re-written new content to revamp my website in my brand-new holiday notebook.  I felt accomplished having honored the deal I made myself pre-holiday.

Today feeling fresh, focused and so inspired  I was ready to get back into my kit and back to the studio to make the rest of the year my best yet.

We all go through phases where we compare ourselves, feel guilty and beat ourselves up but in these situations here is what I know to be true:

  • The thoughts we think about ourselves are only thoughts and thoughts can be changed.
  • ‘I AM’ are the most powerful words we can use – every day at least once,  affirm your own strengths  “I am…” (powerful. lovely, successful, fabulous, wonderful etc…)
  • We are all capable of doing anything, that doesn’t mean we should try to do everything.
  • All things work better if they have been switched off, rebooted or recharged – that includes us.
  • When someone gives you a compliment or recognition make a note of it to look back on at times like this. We so easily forget the honest compliments, small acts of caring and kind words we hear yet we dwell on the negative ones. Keep a notebook and list ONLY the good to re-read during these times.
  • Comparing doesn’t move you forward or improve your current situation.
  • There is no one correct path in life and no rule book – everyone has their own unique trail.


After nine days in Portugal I also know this….

Portugal has a small is the port glasses!