I know how busy women are. Juggling careers, running homes, honouring family and social commitments, raising children, caring for aging parents – ultimately trying to be all things to all people. Becoming human doings rather than human beings, spinning all the plates and as a result, becoming more exhausted, disconnected and stuck in a state of survival. 

When we get too busy for ourselves and our health, happiness and wellbeing, the thought of change feels like an overwhelming mission that is often coated in guilt. But unless we take action, nothing will improve and instead it will get progressively worse.

Now is the time to value your health and wellbeing above all else. To put the work in and implement simple lifestyle strategies and small but effective habits that will make a real difference to how you feel. When you are energised and thriving you can give more to others.

I truly believe in a whole-body approach, nourishing your body in the right way for you to balance your hormones because then EVERYTHING changes.

✅ You wake up feeling energised after a great night’s sleep and don’t need to fuel up on coffee just to face the day.

✅ You have tons of energy and afternoon naps become a thing of the past.

✅ That stubborn weight gain that you tried to shift for years finally melts away.

✅ You feel like yourself again and have so much confidence.

✅ You’re calmer and more resilient to life.


Here is how I can help you with your complete welbeing…

Containing simple strategies, habit trackers and the most important information women need for a whole body approach to their health and hormones, Reignite is a practical one stop guide.

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The Women’s Wellbeing Association is an online platform with ONE mission:

To support, encourage and motivate women in every area of their wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally. 

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