Face to face AND online

So many women worry that if they lift weights they will bulk up but we don’t have enough testosterone in our endocrine system for that to happen so instead we burn fat, drop inches and even more importantly strengthen and improve our bone quality preventing osteoporosis.

Suitable for all levels, Weights for Women is my most popular class, join me face to face at Melbourne Sporting Partnership or tune in ONLINE to the live stream of the same class.  (A replay will be emailed out after the class if you can’t join live)

Don’t be scared to lift heavy! You won’t get huge and bulky; you’ll get amazing”.
Jessie Hilgenberg

You will need to bring your own dumbbells and a mat to the face to face classes

Wednesday 27th April – Wednesday 18th May (4 Week Course)

10.15am – 10.45am

MELBOURNE SPORTING PARTNERSHIP (Cockshut Lane, Melbourne, Derbyshire DE73 8DG) and ONLINE (replay provided if you can’t join live)