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 The Hormones Bundle Mini Course

Including 7 bite-sized videos:

  • An Introductions to Hormones
  • The Normal Hormonal Shifts
  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • Thyroid
  • The Hormone Re-Cap


As well as:

  • Hormone Testing Interview with Pamela Windle
  • Symptom Tracker Download


£19 for the next 15 minutes!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this mini course:


  • How the body responds to hormone imbalances 


  • Simple strategies you can implement to support your hormones


  • How to use your cycle to thrive


  • What symptoms to really notice

Here’s what some of my some of the ladies that went before you said…

I love the bundle! I didn’t know too much about hormones before this, but I now know just how much of an affect they have on my overall wellbeing and the way I feel at different times of the month. 

The small tweaks (and yes, they really are small tweaks) are easy to add in to a busy daily schedule and the way in which they are presented doesn’t make you feel useless for not already doing all of this stuff!

“I have just watched the interview. Wow! there is so much information I will need to watch it again. Thank you for such an informative video”. 


I thought all hormone information was generic to age, weight etc… I now know there is another way.

It seems to be essential information we should all know – but we don’t, (although I do now)


The information doesn’t make me feel that I am doing everything wrong and that I need to change my entire life immediately if I am to get anywhere.  


£19 for the next 15 minutes!