Starts MONDAY 26TH APRIL 2021!!

It breaks my heart that so many wonderful women in their late 30’s and early 40’s are just surviving day by day, cycle to cycle feeling fed up, tired and demotivated with very little energy.

They are frustrated about gaining weight, despite working out as they always have or harder now than ever before, yet they normalise this, their exhaustion, the overwhelm and their troublesome symptoms.

Hormonal symptoms are common but are NOT normal and really are a sign that your body is lacking something, maybe nourishment, movement or rest.  Yet, and particularly during our late 30’s and early 40’s, worsening symptoms or irregularity are just accepted – because ‘it’s just my age’ or ‘it’s just my hormones’ Please believe me when I say it’s not.

Would you love to thrive rather than survive; mentally, physically or emotionally?
Would you love to feel less sluggish and bloated and more energised?
Would you love to re-set your hormones and eliminate the troublesome symptoms that you are accepting as normal and brushing off?
Would you love someone to guide you through it, hold you accountable and help you create a strategy you can stick too?

Then I’m here to help you…

Imagine how it would feel to flourish with energy and passion and to thrive in life, to look and feel fabulous and live as your happiest, healthiest self.

My brand-new A New You with Strategy 22 programme will set you on the right path for this and I’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding and nurturing you to change the way you think about yourself and your beautiful body.


🌀 You CAN be the happy energetic woman you used to or have always wanted to be

🌀 You CAN take control of your hormones

🌀 You CAN sleep better, stress less and smile more


There are 22 elements that over the course of 6 weeks will arm you with the tools and strategies that will change the way you think about yourself and your wellbeing, in the simplest way possible.

What to Expect:

6 weeks of…

🌀 7 quality modules where I share simple lifestyle strategies for reducing stress, improving gut health and ultimately supporting your hormones (These video modules are uploaded to your dashboard each week so you can watch them at a time convenient to you).

🌀 6 group calls with opportunity for Q&A, coaching & planning.

🌀 6 live streamed purposeful workouts (30 minutes each).

🌀 Access to a library of pre-recorded short purposeful workouts that you can follow as and when suits you.

🌀 Access to a library of recipes.

🌀 A New You with Strategy 22 gift bag with all the essentials you’ll need for the 6 weeks (delivered by Royal Mail).

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

The next best time is NOW”

NOW is the time to value your health and wellbeing above all else, to put the work in and take control of your complete wellbeing.

Regardless of age I really believe that we need to start looking at the wellbeing declines of those 10 years older than us NOW! To slow down or even prevent our own declines and eliminate the survival mode.


Full Investment £99 

Change Can Be Challenging

Sometimes we just don’t know where to begin or we normalise troublesome symptoms.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with too much information to sort through, and sometimes…

We know exactly what to do, but don’t do what we know and simply need support to stay accountable! That’s why I’m here.

Hello, I’m Victoria. I am a women’s wellbeing specialist, conscious that moving well, eating well and thinking well can restore beautiful bodies, balance hormones and banish troublesome symptoms and frustrations.

My passion is to inspire and support wonderful women to take responsibility of their own health, happiness and hormones by sharing simple, personalised lifestyle strategies and the most important information women need about sleep, stress, hormones, bone/gut/brain health and purposeful movement.

Here is what some of my previous clients have said about my programme…

After finding out I was in menopause at a young age I was devastated, but at the same time I’m so happy that I’m part of Victoria’s hormone group/community. Victoria is fantastic, not just in her knowledge and understanding of how hormones affect you, but in her teaching. I have learnt so much and the small habits I have started have already made a difference. I couldn’t recommend this course enough! Thank you Victoria.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Victoria on the programme. For me the highlight of the programme was the interactive Zoom sessions which allowed the small group on the programme to explore any hormonal worries, issues or problems in a relaxed, fun and respectful environment. The modules were informative and interesting while being short and relevant and I felt like I learnt something new after watching each one.

When I started on my journey with Victoria I didn’t quite know what to expect! I was fed up with feeling tired and demotivated I didn’t have the energy to get through the day. On day 1 it was great to listen to Victoria being so positive and giving lots of advice on all aspects of health and wellbeing. The group calls were so interesting and informative. I started to look at things differently, hormones and the huge effect they have on my daily life, my diet and how I needed to add a lot more goodness to it through breathing exercises, having time for me to relax and so much more. This has had a huge impact on not just me but my husband and daughter. This is just the start of my journey and I can’t thank Victoria enough.

How it works…

🌀 A New You with Strategy 22 starts on Monday 26th April

🌀 Modules are uploaded to your dashboard each Monday morning. Broken down into bitesized videos with downloadable pdfs that you can work through these at a time convenient to you. Topics covered through the modules include:


🌻 Stress/Anxiety; how to manage yours and why it has a huge impact on women over 40’s

🌻 The Menstrual Cycle; peri- menopause, menopause and beyond

🌻 What is your environment doing to your health and hormones

🌻 The Gut. Happiness and Hormone link, including the basics of nutrition for your hormones

🌻 Sleep Hygiene; why poor sleep is not normal and what it might really mean

🌻 Bone Density and Osteoporosis, this is NOT old women’s business

🌻 Mindset and Cognitive development; we are not hardwired and CAN grow new brain cells



🌀 Group calls are held via zoom each Tuesday evening 7.30pm – 8.30pm – recordings will be made available if you can’t make it live.

🌀 Live streamed workouts are delivered via zoom each Thursday morning at 6.45am – 7.15am

🌀 Access to the membership dashboard will be activated on Sunday 25th April,  the library of workouts and recipes will be avaible from this point.

🌀 Your gift bag with be posted (via Royal Mail) on Monday 26th April.

🌀 Access to the membership dashboard and all content will be granted until 4th July.

Full Investment £99