It is far too common for time poor and exhausted women to be punishing their beautiful bodies with intense workouts.  Working out longer and harder to crush calories, earn the wine and chocolate or try and shift the mid-section weight gain they may have started to notice.

But the days of eat less, move more are long gone.

It is time to look at a whole-body approach and, for me, that means working out well NOT more! Exercising to nourish our mind and body, within the time and energy we have and to consider our heart health, bone health, pelvic health, cognitive health and our adrenal health. My online workouts are designed with these factors in mind. Delivered ONLINE via Zoom, join live  or catch up on replay in your own time.

Join me for  Wake Up, Work Out: Every Tuesday – Friday 

Delivered ONLINE via Zoom.  7am LIVE or catch up on replay in your own time. Each workout is just fifteen – twenty minutes.

Wake Up Work Out is part of the  Womens Wellbeing Association app.

The WWA app gives you access to previous workouts, a members only wellbeing podcast, wellbeing workshops and masterclasses, and a safe supportive community of wonderful women to motivate and support you.

✅ Ease in to a nourishing exercise routine with short purposeful home workouts. – join live Tuesday to Friday or catch up through the app in your own time.
✅ Discover simple, stackable and sustainable strategies to reignite your spark and restore your complete wellbeing. Prevent and improve poor sleep, brain fog, exhaustion, inch loss resistance and the feeling of just surviving.
✅ Dip into the video workshops and masterclasses at the right time for YOU (there is a lot of support, but no fixed “follow-the-steps” plan). Each month something new is added, packed full of simple strategies to support your complete wellbeing.

£25 per month, taken as a re-occurring subscription. There is no minimum term and you can cancel at any time.  Click the image below for full details.