Workout Wednesday


Wednesday 23rd September is National Fitness Day, to celebrate I am hosting some short, purposeful workouts in my virtual studio.


Come and join me for some fun filled fitness that will support your heart health, bone health and mental wellbeing.


Zoom links for all the sessions will be sent our via email on Tuesday evening. 

If you are in the Members Club then all these sessions are included in your subscription, links will be on your dashboard. If you want to know more about the Virtual Studio & Workout on Demand Membership then take a look HERE

Weights for Women

7.15am – 7.35am

A 20 minute, earky morning, Weights for Women workout.

Lifting weights is paramount for strengthening and improving our bone quality preventing osteoporosis. It is also less stressful on the body.

High intensity exercise can release the stress hormone cortisol which then disrupts all the other hormones and can cause the body to hold on the mid section fat as protection for the organs rather than burn it off.

You will need a pair of Dumbells for this session

Activation Band

6.30pm – 6.50pm

A 20 minute, Activation Band workout. The activation band adds so many benefits, including:

  • Deep Core & Glute (Buttocks & Thighs) Activation, strengthening & conditioning
  • Recruits deep stabilising muscles building core and total body strength
  • Gets the heart and lungs pumping a little with no impact!

You will need an activation or looped reistance band for this workout

Fitness Pilates Intervals

7pm – 7.20pm

A 20 minute, Fitness Pilates Intervals workout.

Fitness Pilates uses the original teachings, principals and exercises of Joseph Pilates in a modern and functional group exercise session.  Combining strength and mobility to build core muscles, increase flexibility and improve muscle tone

You do not need any equipment for this session

Freestyle Fitness Yoga

7.30pm – 8.10pm

Incorporating traditional yoga postures, stretches and balances with fitness principles this 40 minute FFY flow will strengthen, stabilise and increase flexibility.

FFY focuses on transitions from one posture to another which challenges the skeletal muscles as you lift and lower the body and hold a posture;

You do not need any equipment for this session