Hello, welcome to the members dashboard.

If you are enrolled in the Foundations of Wellbeing 8 week programme you will find all of your content bundled into weekly sections.

If you are enrolled into one of the workout programmes can use the 28 workouts within your programme as you chose. You may decide to complete 1 each day for 28 consecutive days, bunch a couple together for a longer workout a few times a week or follow one after another workout, walk or run..

Just be sure that you don’t follow your ‘favourite’ everytime. There is a download in each programme that you can print off to keep a check on your progress if you are following them in order.

Please complete a short warm up prior to starting any of the workouts and before taking part in any session you must answer NO to the questions in part 8.4 of the terms and conditions HERE:

With the weights workouts I can never be totally specific with exactly what size dumbells you should you lift but you need to pick a weight which challenges YOU in the rep range you’re working in. For example, if it’s slow and steady squats for 30 seconds you need to find a weight which leaves you really struggling to complete the last few reps, but able to maintain good form throughout. For some it may be a pair of 3kg dumbells, for others it may be a pair of 7.5kg. The CRUCIAL thing to remember is to PUSH yourself or the workouts won’t have any effect, don’t pick a weight you know you can comfortably lift. If needs to challenge you for change to happens and strength to develop.

Enjoy and do head over and join my Wellness Facebook group HERE to share how you are getting on.

Victoria x

If you are following the Weights for Women workouts as a consecutive daily programme I would encourage you to take measurements of your bust, waist, buttocks and non dominant upper arm and leg on day 1 and again on day 28. I have added this to the daily checklist download, ideally measure with string and attach it to to the sheet for your re-measure.