It breaks my heart that so many wonderful women are just surviving day by day, cycle to cycle feeling fed up, tired and demotivated with very little energy.

They are frustrated about gaining weight, despite working out as they always have or harder now than ever before, yet they normalise this, their exhaustion, the overwhelm and their troublesome symptoms.

Hormonal symptoms are common but are NOT normal and really are a sign that your body is lacking something, maybe deeper nourishment, movement or rest.

Yet, and particularly during our late 30’s and early 40’s, worsening symptoms or irregularity are just accepted – because ‘it’s just my age’ or ‘it’s just my hormones’

Please believe me when I say it’s not.

It’s not your hormones, it’s their environment” 

Cheryl Burdette

Imagine how it would feel to flourish with energy and passion and to thrive in life, to look and feel fabulous and live as your happiest, calmist, healthiest self

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