Stress isn’t just caused by the big obvious events. The following are stressors too…

  • Feeling out of control of a situation
  • Being overwhelmed by a situation, workload or uncontrollable situation
  • Being in a new or unpredictable situation
  • Emotional or physical changes
  • Sleep / wake cycle being disrupted
  • Inflammation in the gut
  • Toxins, chemical, food, medications
  • Over exercising
  • Blood sugar imbalance / raised insulin
  • Illness / injury
  • Brain being in state of high alert / worry / fear

It is really hard to avoid some of these stressors but other times we just don’t realise they even are an underlying problem and the symptoms caused by these stressors are all too often brushed off, normalised or blamed on something else.

We tell ourselves that we just don’t sleep well, that its normal to be feeling exhausted and that the chocolate flavoured snack mid-afternoon will help and the glass of wine in the evening is just to ‘unwind’.

If this sounds familiar I’d love you to come and join me at my Address the Stress Women’s Wellbeing Workshop.

During this totally positive, inspirational and empowering workshop I’ll share why low leve stress could be sabotaging your wellbeing goals and you’ll discover simple strategies that you can easily implement to manage your stress.

Thursday 22nd September

1.45pm – 2.45pm

Places are limited.

Breedon Priory Health Club Members £10.00

(contact me directly for discount code)