Grow Your E-mail List Starter Pack

Social media is great for promoting your business services but what would happen if your favourite platform vanished tomorrow?? Do you have an e-mail list to communicate with your audience?

E-mail marketing is still a hugely powerful tool for growing and nurturing your community but setting up an opt in to grow your list can consume so much time, energy and focus.

My Grow Your E-mail List Starter Pack allows you to focus on the areas of your business that you love, to simply promote your exclusive opt in and to purely communicate with your audience through your emails without the hassle of the behind the scenes set up work.

The Grow Your E-mail List Starter Pack includes:

  • Set Up / Update MailChimp List
  • Create ‘Opt In Download’ (Worksheet / Workbook / EBook)*
  • Create Trip Wire (if applicable)
  • Build ‘Opt In’ Landing Page
  • Generate Opt In and Follow Up Email Sequence (up to 5 emails)*
  • Design Social Media Square for you to advertise your opt in across your platforms
  • Set Up Email Template for your regular audience communication
  • ‘How To’ Video to send regular emails using template.